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 any ideas?

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any ideas? Empty
PostSubject: any ideas?   any ideas? Icon_minitimeFri Jun 17, 2011 9:44 pm

ok does anyone have any ideas why this happened or does everyone want to keep stating its my fault Mr Green

foam element is deteriorating, this is what i used:

any ideas? Whatiused

and this is what happened:

any ideas? Whathappened

that is the stock hpi inner air filter foam BTW, pj1 was applied per directions on can and BOTH of my inner foams look like the one pictured above only the one i have on it now isnt as bad as this one.

i have my opinions as to why this happened which is again another poor quality hpi part but this will be the only forum you can read about my negative experiences with y baja seeing as others bash and flame every time i post about the poor quality and disgust on the part of hpi in the qc and support areas of their business
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any ideas?
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