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 monument fire in arizona

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PostSubject: monument fire in arizona   monument fire in arizona Icon_minitimeThu Jun 16, 2011 11:23 pm

well i just learned about this today and it strikes home hard for me because it is in my hometown area and my family is still there, my dad and sister have already been evacuated. to see more on it do a search for monument fire in arizona or monument fire in cochise county . like i said it hits me hard because my family is there and it is the place i have been trying to get back to for some time now Sad. the sheriff states it was started by illegals but they cannot investigate further until they get the fire out.

i hope they get it out soon and no one is injured and the damage isnt to bad. i am sure the federal goverment will let it slide if it is prove to be the result of illegals as that is what they do all the time (especially in az) and of course the mexican goverment wont take responsibility either i am sure.

IMHO if this turns out to in fact have been cause by illegals i think teh mexican goverment should be held accountable (since they are distributing pamphlet on how to get into the us illegally) i also think they should be held accountable for all of the previous issues with the "border bandits" and i think the us should finally take a stand as americans and put mexico in its place (but that is just me Mr Green )
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monument fire in arizona
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