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 flm extended arms arrived and installed

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flm extended arms arrived and installed Empty
PostSubject: flm extended arms arrived and installed   flm extended arms arrived and installed Icon_minitimeFri May 06, 2011 9:33 pm

well my arms and rezzies came in and i have them installed. ok here is a list of problems that arose that should be considered if you plan on going with rezzies and flm extended arms.

first, teh killer cables require some figiting to make work

second the tr 1 piece shock mount tower i was wanting to use wont work because of its height so it looks like i may need to get the seperated TR shock mount and try that

third dont believce the fast eddy vid for rezzy assembly, tightening by hand as he suggest wasnt an option with mine requiring some massive wrenching up to and includign a few blisters on my hands. not only that but no matter how hard i tried there are STILL air bubbles in my rezzies, my next option is to buy some new vcc shocks, umbrella seals and rebuild them from the start using my rezzies.

fourth, with the flm arms my ear suspension seems to soft now and although it sits at arms level it doesnt take much to get the rear end to hit the ground so i have to work on it to get it a little stiffer in the rear.

fifth front wheels have to much camber and adding 1" to the new steering links as stated in the instructions give my baja toe out and not what it had with the stockers .

overall though it was a nice little upgrade in terms of width for better stability but the overall setup requires some fine tuning right out of teh box.

also keep in mind that the instructions blow for all of the new parts.
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flm extended arms arrived and installed
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