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 strip that body

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PostSubject: strip that body   Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:29 pm

i am sure you have all seen the youtube vids with the different ways to strip paint from a lexan body so i wont have to delge to far into this LOL. but heres the thing, if the body was painted with laquer based paint (pactra polycarbonate paint) and/or alclad laquer "chrome) then i can say for a fact that DOT 4 (yes dot FOUR) brake fluid DOES work and works quite well and reasonably quick to, the following pics were taken after only 10 minutes of work Wink

once you get it stripped you may need to go back over areas like windows because if the windows have scratches the dissolved paint will rest in them. basically all you have to do is take paper towels, and DOT 4 brake fluid and keep the inside of teh body moist with brake fluid then from time to time rub the brake fluid into the paint and remember keeping it moist is the key. also you will need to remember eventually your brake fluid will become dirty with paint so you will have to use some more clean brake fluid.


screen printed graphics on bodies most likely wont come off due to the manner in which they are applied and since i dont uses rtr bodies i cannot test this but if the body doesnt have them and was painted with alclad laquers and pactra polycarbonate paints this is a viable method for repainting your body from scratch Wink. it could even save you some cash when it comes to largescale bodies Wink

ok here it is almost finished (just a little more to removed the remnants of the white basecoat.

also something i noticed while doing this, the pactra flourescent yellow proved troublesome getting off but it did come off so keep in mind that the pactra flourescent paints ( i know at least the flourescent yellow) may require some elbow grease Wink

heres the stuff i used to strip the body Wink

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strip that body
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