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 my personal thoughts based on my experience with the baja 5b

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PostSubject: my personal thoughts based on my experience with the baja 5b   Thu Jun 02, 2011 3:45 am

just thought i would share my personal thoughts on the genuine baja 5Bss based on the personal experineces i personally have had with mine so here goes.


i ordered mine from DDM in november 2010 and it arrived in the beginning of december which was great, i built it up and did the break in on it and after that all hell broke loose, it has proved to be unreliable and of poor poor quality for me. to give you an idea i have spent 2k + in replacing stock parts with aftermarket parts and havent even put a gallon of fuel through it yet.

recently the engine started giving me troubles (carb actually) so i replaced it and it worked fine for 1/2 tank of fuel before it started doing the exact same thing in terms of how it was running so i am back at square one with an expensive brick that is good for nothing but wrenching on, if i just wanted to wrench on something i could find much cheaper alternatives.

at this point i have decided to NEVER purchase another hpi product because my last 3 hpi vehicles (all of which were on the steep side of the price range) had some issues however the most expensive (the baja) has been horrendous, i expect to take alot of flak for this post which is fine but let me make it clear that none that flame me here have ANY experience with MY particular baja (yes it is a GEUINE HPI) so they really have no reason to jump on me for this post at all.

i will also give my impression of hpi here so as to not need another topic just for it, hpi started out being helpful replacing parts that failed which was all fine and good. every time i contacted them i asked if they would like me to send them the old parts so they could look them over nad was repeatedly told no so i threw them away, now that i am having engine troubles they do not really want to help and are now requesting the old parts to evaluate which is impossible since i no longer have the parts. this is how hpi is getting out of supporting the product anymore but at the same time this has at the same time helped in my descision to steer clear of hpi all together when i consider my next rc purchase.

right now the list of parts i would still need to replace to at least make it (IMHO) a decent quality product is:

complete aftermarket clutch setup from Turtle Racing
complete set of beadlocks (inner/outer/front/rear)
lauterbacher or elecon clutch

as you can see there is over 500.00 in parts on the above list and i have already spent 2K over the cost of the baja itself, hpi has let me down big time with the baja 5Bss and i would like to just relay my personal experiences with my genuine hpi baja. i fell for the hype of "high quality", "great support", and "other" forums and their members comments in regards to the genuine baja and i would also have to say those "other" forums have also let me down as when i started asking for help and ideas i was not seeing much in terms of responses until i got really PO'ed and started complaining about my baja and then it was only comments bashing me for my negative comments.

anyways with the above said if i ever did get another 1/5 scale baja it would be a KM since the "genuine" has proved to be an unreliable, inferior quality, expensive, largescale brick. i also would like to see HPI sign up and comment here as to these issues and have more to say than "this is not a common occurance", or "that is strange", or "that is odd", or " i have one and i beat the snot out of it" because these comments do NOTHING to resolve any of my issues or concerns in regards to my opinion of i got a lemon, at first i figured it was one of the small percentage of failures that all manufacturers have regardless of who they are yet even when i stated that to hpi support they basically played that off like they had 0% failure rate which is is not true at all since you can read about people who replace stock parts with aftermarket when breakage happens although they do not state how long they got to run it before a part broke which in my case TRYING to run my baja in a big empty football field usually ends up with a failed stock part somewhere around 1/4 to 1/2 tank of fuel at which time i am down till the following month when i am able to budget funds again for my baja.

this month however i was so fed up with the hpi baja i decided to NOT buy anything for the baja seeing as it isnt running an i couldnt afford to buy a new engine right now of course i wouldnt put a fuelie in it again and i dont trust my baja's quality enough to put a more powerful motor in it which would require stronger diff gears (which i wont do because i have only found hd gears from hpi which i no longer trust for quality) and a complete new clutch setup (again i no longer trust trying to use an hpi part).
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Posts : 237
Join date : 2011-03-11
Age : 43
Location : ardmore oklahoma

PostSubject: Re: my personal thoughts based on my experience with the baja 5b   Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:25 pm

ok folks here is an update for you, today i was finally able to run my baja in circles in my front yard without anything failing of course i did not run a full tank of fuel because it is hot here today.

to date my baja 5Bss has required a total of about 2, 350.00 in aftermarket parts, and misc items such as heat shrink tubing, etc for it to have teh kind of "quality other forams boast it having. from my experience and reading posts on those other forums i have not seen ANYONE that is boasting quality running a box stock baja except i did have a pm once (but it disappeared) from someone stating he was running box stock yet teh trustworthiness comes into question in my eyes when he was an hpi employee (or so he claimed) and of course he cannot say anythng negative about the product or risk losing his job (if he indeed works for hpi).

ok with that said i didnt run a full tank of fuel because it was to hot outside but it ran like a champ in the front yard until i shut it down to come inside to get cool so my conclusions remain unchanged as far as the "genuine" hpi baja goes

1. do not purchase save some cash and get something else
2. if you do decide to get an hpi baja make sure you have an extra 2K + to order a ton of aftermarket parts at teh same time you order your baja
3. make sure you doublecheck ANY and ALL factory assembly including that of the clutch, spark plug, pullstarter, etc
4. dont believe everything you see on all forums and if someone talks bout quality make sure you ask them if they are box stock or do they have aftermarket parts installed and if they have aftermarket parts installed ask them how much is still out of the box stock.
5. definatley do not believe an hpi employee as if they made a negative comment it could cost tehm their job and no one needs to be unemployed in this day and age (however if hpi doesnt improve quality and give the same customer service and support to those whom get one of teh statistical failure rate loss of those customers may cause someone to be unemployed anyway)

to date there have been a slew of people watchig me try to run my baja and seen teh issues i have had and asked how much i have spent so far, my next door neighbor was talking to me today after i finished running it and asked how much i now have into it and after telling him the total cost he has decided it would be best for him to avoid the hpi baja. so i know hpi will never read this thread or even visit this forum because thy like visiting forums that praise the hpi baja which unfortunatley i cannot do although keep in mind THIS forum will NOT praise a product that cant run in its BOX STOCK configuration if it doesnt have quality which the hpi baja dissapoints.

if you however buy opne and have no plans on EVER running it stock that is a different matter, if you plan on hopping it up to the moon then ANY baja (hpi, km, or rovan will) suffice but if you want an hpi just so you can fit into the fanboy club then you are getting a baja for the wrong reason.

i have also seen those sayign wrenching is part of the fun well as this may be true can you honestly say that all wrenching and NO running is fun (i know i cant), i bought my genuine baja based on the following:

i wanted to run it
i read great things about quality and support
had a LOT of hpi products in teh past from the release of the original rs4 and nitro rs4 series and was a believer in hpi

however in 99 when i bought my proceed i ran into a few issues with hpi in terms of packaging and lower than expected quality of course there really werent any aftermarket companies makign parts for teh 1/8 onroad car and hpi ended up discontinuing it, later on i ended up with a savage and a savage XL while the savage was ok it still had flaws and teh savage XL was an overpriced display because it would burn out the rotostart bearing every 2 to 3 tanks among other issues), and now i have been even further let down with the baja in its OUT OF THE BOX STOCK trim and being REQUIRED to spend an extra 2300 in aftermarket parts and supplies just to get it capable of running in my front yard.
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my personal thoughts based on my experience with the baja 5b
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