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 read these rules before posting in teh classified area

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PostSubject: read these rules before posting in teh classified area   Sat Apr 09, 2011 2:49 pm


1. make sure to post your items in the correct section of the marketplace

2. do not post your items in more than one section

3. NO firearms or anything that fires a projectile this includes bb guns, paintball guns, bows, crossbows, etc. (exception to this rule is military memorabilia and genuine NON reproduction items only. you MUST get prior approval before posting military memorabilia. (NO explosive items are allowed at all)

if you have any questions about rule 3 or do not quite understand it contact lordraptor1.

4. NO drug paraphanelia or drug related items at all, if you get caught trying to sell drugs or drug paraphanelia on this forum you will be permanantly banned

5. NO scamming it will NOT be tolerated here. if it is brought to the attention of the admin or mods you will have a time of 2 weeks to make good on your dealing or you will be banned this forum is NOT for you to come in scamming good people

6. largescale baja will NOT assume responsibility for any dealings in the marketplace, deals done are between buyer and seller and should be worked out between them.

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read these rules before posting in teh classified area
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